thankful to America for a

putting a man on the moon, giving us Starbucks, denim jeans, and, of course, Beyoncé. However, as we come to celebrate Independence Day, it’s the American fashion pack that we are grateful of. Here we have selected our top five American fashion designers of all time. The following designers have saved companies from closure, embodied the American dream, reinvented the wedding dress and created a global fashion empire. Here at Emirates Woman, we’re so grateful to these wonderful Americans, happy fourth of July everyone.

Tom Ford rose to stardom after famously saving Gucci and sister company Yves Saint Laurent from bankruptcy. In an astonishing first year under Ford’s reign, Gucci’s sales increased by 90 per cent, as the ambitious designer took the company image in a new direction. Born in Austin, Texas, the 53 year old is responsible for many fashion trends, most notably velvet hipster trousers and slim satin shirts. But of course, the Gucci stiletto and sleek Gucci dress swiftly became his most famous signature pieces.

Following from his shock departure from the Gucci group in 2004, Tom Ford launched his eponymous line and a year later opened his flagship store in Manhattan, stocking his own ready-to-wear collection.

Not content on dominating the fashion industry, Ford is also a respected director. His directorial debut with A Single Man, based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood, and starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore received Golden Globe nominations. Today, he is worth an estimated US$70 million.

The epitome of the American dream, Ralph Lauren, is one of the most iconic American designers of our time. Born Ralph Lifshitz (his family immigrated from Belarus) and raised in the Bronx, New York City, Lauren began his career studying business at Baruch College in Manhattan. After serving in the US army for two years, and a brief stint as a sales assistant with Brooks Brothers, Lauren, in 1967, he started designing neckties under the name of Polo.

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He started out selling ties (rags which he transformed) from a drawer at the Empire State Building now his company Ralph Lauren Corp employs 25,000 staff and has the world’s top models vying to be the face of the brand.

Founded by Charles Tiffany and John Young, Tiffany, Young and Ellis (as it was originally called) first opened its doors in 1837 in New York City as a stationery and fancy goods emporium. In 1853, Charles took control of the company – it became Tiffany & Co –and started focusing more on jewellery. it was one of the first stores at the time to publicly display prices (to avoid haggling) and accepted only cash payments, thus cementing its reputation as a high-class establishment.

The brand became popular among upscale clientele and Charles Tiffany was named the ‘King of Diamonds.’

As well as creating their own colour – Tiffany Blue – Tiffany & Co. is also famous for the Tiffany Setting – the six-pronged engagement ring which rapidly became their signature.

Today, Tiffany & Co is referenced so frequently in popular culture the company has an estimated to be worth over US$8 billion.

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